Dogs of Industry

Lindsay family

SARAH – The Saint Bernard

Natalie Fraser and her daughter found Sarah at the Ponca City Humane Society. They fell in love with her after a tour of the newly remodeled Humane Society building and adopted her last November. Sarah became a regular at the Lindsay Mfg. office for many months. The long haired St. Bernard mix is a willing participant for testing out their vacuum products. Lindsay Mfg. manufacturers vacuum systems for many applications including general cleaning, pet grooming, animal hospitals and veterinary clinics. Sarah’s thick coat is perfect for trying out new specialty pet vacuum tools and her shedding creates ample opportunity for testing out the hair containment systems.

Sarah has become a beloved member of the extended family as well. Though she does still come to the office to visit everyone on occasion, she is currently living the semi-retired life. She now prefers to go to Natalie’s parents’ house during the workday where she gives Betty company while she quilts and spends much of her day staring out the window watching the wildlife around Lake Ponca. Her other favorite retirement activity is golf. She tags along with Winston in the afternoons while he plays a round at the Ponca City Country Club. It is great exercise and the golf course has so many squirrels for her to scare. As you can see, she is living her best life.

“Reprinted with permission from PCDA”