Cleaning Glass and Granite with a Vacu-Maid Microfiber towel


Back when I was growing up, my Dad would always pass on his knowledge to me on virtually everything, as most fathers do.

Dad was a stickler for doing things right the first time and was always looking for ways to do them more efficiently.  In the area of cleaning, Dad discovered, (or at least I would like to think he was the first) that you could get a perfect, streak-free shine on windows by drying them off with common newspapers.

I have been using that method for nearly 40 years now with outstanding results.  Newspapers left no lint or streaks on car windows or windows on the house. Plus it was a good way to recycle the papers.

Fast-forward to today.  The internet has virtually made buying newspapers a thing of the past for obvious reasons.  At the same time, I no longer have a stash of old newspapers laying around anymore for my window and mirror cleaning chores.

The Dustup Glass & Granite Cloth (MF001) has come along and satisfies all my requirements for window and mirror cleaning and more.  With just a fine mist of clean water, the Dustup Glass & Granite Cloth gives me a perfect, streak-free finish that I have always been accustomed to. 

With it’s 16″ X 16″ surface, the Dustup Glass & Granite Cloth has so many other uses, including wiping off the screen to my laptop and PC as well as putting a nice shine on the dining table.

I know Dad would be proud that I found a new and efficient way to tackle some of my around-the-house duties. I will pass my new knowledge on to my kids as Dad used to do, I mean, they still believe that we had to walk 5 miles to school, in the snow, uphill both ways… I think.