Central Vacuum Motor Stands the Test of Time


A great vacuum deserves a great motor.  VacuMaid’s most popular central vacuum units used the MB115334 motor for decades.  From the P125 to the dual motor P325, the MB115334 motor has been a workhorse in VacuMaid central vacuums across the country.

Although this motor is no longer used in our current central vacuum lineup, the MB115334 continues to be a staple with customers who would rather replace their motor rather that purchase a new system.

We have had customers tell us that this motor has lasted nearly 40 years with proper maintenance.  Try getting that type of performance out of nearly any appliance you have in your home.

Item#: MB115334120 Volt 7.2″ Tangential ByPassUsed in the following central vacuum models:
before February 1999
P325 / MKIII

H1 / MKI before January 1994.Also used by other manufacturers including: AirVac, Beam, Eureka, Hayden, MD, Nutone, Power Star, and Walvac

See the specs below for more information on the MB115334 motor.

7.2″ Diameter By Pass
2 Stages

115334 General Motor Performance Rating Watts: 1400 Air Watts: 384 Sealed Vacuum: 110.0 Inches Max Airflow: 102.7 CFM
115334 Motor Performance at Operating Orifice 3/4″ Vacuum: 57.7 Inches   Airflow: 56.9 CFM Input Watts: 1332 Input Amps: 12 Air Watts: 384 Motor Speed: 17,400 RPM