Central Vacuum Hose Sock


You wouldn’t put on a pair of work boots without socks, so why put your central vacuum hose to work without a hose sock?

The VacSoc central vacuum hose cover fits snuggly around your vacuum hose and protects your baseboards and furniture from scratches. 

During the month of July, Vacumaid is promoting our premium electric and low voltage tool kits with a 10% saving and throwing in a hose sock (HS30TG a $39.00 value) at no charge.  Heck, we will even put it on for you before we ship it out.

If you are just looking to replace or add a hose to your existing system, Vacumaid still has a great deal on hose socks.  With the purchase of our electric or low voltage hoses, you can save $25.00 off the regular price of the hose sock.   That’s right, only $15.00 through the month of July.