Central Vacuum Flexible Crevice Tool


Good day everyone, I am Rex.  My friends call me Rex the Flex and I am one of the most popular VacuMaid accessories on the web.  I will be your host throughout this series and I will introduce you to some of my best buds in the VacuMaid accessory line-up.

A little about me, being 24″ in length, I can reach just about anywhere.  Want to clean underneath the sofa without moving it? I’m your guy.  How about behind the stove or beside the refrigerator?  Or my favorite place to clean, the lint trap on the dryer. Once again, I can get in there with ease.  That’s ok, your back can thank me later.
Did I mention that I have crazy flexibility?  You can twist me around in a circle and I won’t crimp or break. Which means I am going to last a long time.  Pretty impressive, eh? 
Hook me up to your telescopic wand and we are reaching over 5 feet which means you don’t have to bend over.  That’s right, just move me where you want and watch me work. 
I would love to be a part of your powerful VacuMaid Central Vacuum cleaning crew.  Check me out here.  As a bonus, if you order before February 14, I am on sale for $7.00*.  Or you can call Scott or Mike at 800-221-1862 and mention me, Rex for the same special.  *The eyes are not included.
Cleaning the lint trap on the dryer.

Well, look what’s hiding back here.  Looks like it’s time to clean up the beside the refrigerator. Did you ever think cleaning behind a refrigerator could be so quick and easy?  You might even be tempted to show this area off to your mother-in-law.