Central Vacuum Dusting Brush

Greetings once again everyone, Rex the Flex (CT100) coming to you live from the green room, or utility closet, whichever you want to call it.  We are pleased to introduce a long time legend in the Caddy Bag.  Everyone, please welcome, Wilford Brushley (DB630BLK).
Thank you all, I am honored to be included along with all my other cleaning friends in the Caddy Bag.  You might say that we have formed some attachments over the years. 
A little about myself, I have been part of the Vacu-Maid family for quite some time.  My motto has always been, why push dust around with a rag, when you can remove it entirely from your living space using me, along with your Vacu-Maid central vacuum system. I might look like a cuddly grandpa, but I am tough on dirt and dust. 
With my soft natural bristles I am gentle on any surface so you can clean with confidence.  I am great on window sills and book shelves or connect me to your telescopic wand and I can clean those hard to reach areas where dirt and dust hide. 
I’m kind of small so if you have misplaced me, it might be time to get online and order me up again at www.vacumaid.com.  Or if you have other needs or questions, call our customer service department  at 1-800-221-1862 .  I look forward to being a part of your cleaning crew for years to come.