Central Vacuum Cyclonic In-Spring-ation


Ponca City’s annual spring cleanup time has arrived. This is the time of year the city, (home of Lindsay Manufacturing – Vacu-Maid, Astro-Vac), encourages residents to clean up their yards, homes and garages. So I bought into the idea. I decided my house and garage could benefit from some deep spring cleaning.

Of course, part of this clean-up was vacuuming my floors, upholstery, carpet, and of course emptying out my vac system. I have a split cyclonic central vac, so the debris is collected in DC1200AC dirt canister. The majority of the debris falls into the bottom of the canister, but some fine particles are exhausted to the outside or collected on the lint screen. I have three cats, so the lint screen is where some of their hair collects.  I have placed the new PVC coated fiberglass screen – FSF12 & FSF14– to help make cleaning-up the lint tray a breeze.


I lifted off the top of the lid & was wiping the contents, which included pet hair and some lovely pink feathers from a pet toy, and remembered instructions for a really neat Nesting Material Dispenser I had seen on the ‘instructables’ website. They used some curled up wire to construct a “feeder” of nesting materials for the bird to use when they are constructing a nest.


Instead of throwing away the lint from my vac, I decided to put on my creative hat and give the nesting dispenser idea a try. I’m all for recycling and needless to say I am an animal lover – yes, this does include birds.


The results of my effort is below, oh and I added some paper and sticks too. Now I am ready to kick back and relax.  My cats and I are ready for some serious bird-watching!