VacuMaid will keep your floors really clean.


If your floor could talk to you, what would it say? It would probably remind you that it is, without question, the most used part of your home. We walk, run, sometimes slide across it. We spill things on it.  When we are nervous we pace on it.  The kids play on it.  The dog sometimes

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Good Ol’ (and new) Fashioned Customer Service

VacuMaid family

We live in an era of technology that changes, it seems, daily. We have gone from licking a stamp and mailing letters to electronic mail.  From email to instant messaging. From instant messaging to texting and social networking.  Most of these changes have occurred over the past 10 years. Where we are 10 years from now is anyone’s

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Dusting: Past, Present, and Future


Some bad habits are hard to break.  VacuMaid is here to help and support you towards a better and healthier way of cleaning. This is the story of the dustcloth.  As we all know, the dustcloth is the hand-me-down of all cleaning tools we keep in our homes.  The dustcloth probably began as a dish

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It’s in the Bag


Introducing our new 3 pack HPB1PK or 3 pack HPB2HPK bags in a smart package ready for display.  These bags are available in carton quantities of 40 per carton (HPB1PK) or 16 per carton (HPB2HPK).  Keep your VacuMaid central vacuum units running efficiently and extend your motor life by changing out your filter bags when

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No Suction No Problem


Of all the calls we take on a weekly basis from homeowners, the most common revolves around the lack of suction in their central vacuum system.  We generally will go through a list of items homeowners can check themselves. 1- Is the filter or screen clear of any dust and lint buildup? Bag full? (if

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VacuMaid celebrates Father’s Day

Lindsay family

VacuMaid was founded over 50 years ago. Through hard work and the development of quality products, Ed Lindsay (pictured far left), was one of the pioneers in the central vacuum industry. Mr. Lindsay, to this day, continues to be a rich source of information and advice for the manufacturing facility and industry. While the VacuMaid

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Vacu-Maid stands the test of time

Motors, VacuMaid Power Units

Lindsay Manufacturing began manufacturing central vacuums in the 1950’s after several years manufacturing heat exchangers and insurance machines. During that initial decade the P245 was manufactured, sold, and installed in thousands of homes across the country. This vacuum was just replaced in the state of Washington this week. We are guessing that this particular machine

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Vacu-Maid Dealers

The annual VDTA Show is happening in New Orleans right now. A change of venue promises renewed interest and easier access for our friends in the East and South. Jeff, Win, Brook & Winston are there to visit with our dealers. We have a brand new trade show booth for this show. If you are there,

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Use your VacuMaid central vacuum to prepare for winter


With the transition from summer to autumn complete, thoughts of cold winter nights appear on the horizon. Right now is a great time to check and perform routine maintenance on those furnaces that have been hibernating for the past six months. Before kicking that thermostat up, a few easy steps can save you money as well

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"Tune Up" your Central Vacuum


Your home is your number one investment.  Just like your number two investment, your car, needs tuned up from time to time, your home needs the same type of attention to keep it running smooth and efficient. Your VacuMaid central vacuum system is easy to “tune-up”.  If your system has been a little sluggish lately, it

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