A mother’s constant challenge of cleaning up after the children

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Since the beginning of time, mothers have been searching for ways to stay a step ahead of their kids.  Most mothers would be thrilled to be a half-step ahead.

We all understand the responsibilities of motherhood, cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring the little ones around to little league and dance, as well as balancing all those things with a career.
The VacuMaid Garage Vac (GV30/GV50) is the perfect companion for a mother’s constant challenge of cleaning up after the children.

With it’s lightweight 30′ or optional 50 foot hose and powerful motor, the VacuMaid Garage Vac will make short work of cleaning the back of any car, truck, SUV, or Soccer Mom van. The VacuMaid Garage Vac also comes with several useful, and durable attachments, including, a dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, floor tool, telescopic wand, mesh caddy bag, and hose hanger.

So say, “So long” to all those Cherrios, cracker crumbs, candy wrappers, and petrified french fries with the VacuMaid Garage Vac.
Who knows, when Dad sees how easy and useful the VacuMaid Garage Vac is, he might even step in and clean the car for you.
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