Simply Powerful, Simply Efficient, Simply Simple

Garage Vac, Specialty Vacs

Simple to install.  Simple to use.  Powerful enough for those
big cleaning jobs in your garage or workshop.  The Garage Vac
and Garage Vac Pro by VacuMaid are the perfect tool for those
who take pride in their vehicles and work spaces.

The Garage Vac and Garage Vac Pro by VacuMaid will clean floor
to ceiling and everywhere in between.  A wide variety of cleaning
tools are included with each Garage Vac or Garage Vac Pro by
VacuMaid.  Along with a 30′ or optional 50′ crush-proof hose
you no longer are tethered to that old shop vac.  Your Garage Vac
by VacuMaid is conveniently attached to the wall and ready to use
when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

The Garage Vac and Garage Vac Pro by VacuMaid.  Isn’t it time
you discovered the new, simple, easier way to clean?


Wet Pick-Up 4 Gal. for standard 1-1/4

sku: WP112K

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Industrial Upholstery Tool – Orange

sku: IUT200

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