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The Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose provides greater cleaning power, is lighter, more flexible, easier to pull out, and retracts faster. Include mini cuff.

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New mini cuff connects directly to tools or handle.
All hoses from Hide-A-Hose will now come with a mini cuff, which will change the connection from female to male. As a result, a handle coupler (included with the hose) is needed to accommodate the smaller cuff on the new hose.

• A larger diameter hose – 1 3/8” tapered to 1 1/4”, 25 to 30% better airflow

• Greater cleaning power, meaning a smaller unit can be used in some installations.

• More flexibility and faster retraction, since the hose is lighter, softer and each coil has a more rounded profile.

• Easier installation since the hose can handle more turns, multiple planes and tighter spaces.

• Rapid Flex hose is more gentle on furnishings than a standard hose since the hose is softer, lighter.

Please Note: Over time the Rapid Flex hose may stretch with use. This stretch is permanent and prevents the hose from retracting into the tube system. Hide-A-Hose is working on a permanent solution to correct this, but in the meantime they recommend the following. The fix for current installations: Simply remove the hose end, cut the excessive length and replace the hose end. The fix for new installations:  The length of pipe before a standard fitting should be calculated at the length of the hose plus ten feet  (eg. 50’ hose + 10’ = 60’ pipe length before the first standard fitting). Failure to do this increases the possibility of the hose-end getting stuck in a standard fitting.

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