Wet Pickup / Interceptor

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Electrostatic Lint Screen
Blue Filter Screen for ICC211

sku: ES210

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Wet vacuum
Commercial Wet Pick-Up 8 Gal – CWP132

sku: CWP132

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vacuum water
Plastic Wet Pick-Up Kit

sku: WPK1

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Wet Pick-Up 4 Gal. for standard 1-1/4

sku: WP112K

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Commercial Wet Pick-Up
Commercial SS Wet Pick-Up with MC32, HS105P, 5 Gal

sku: CWP332MA

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vacuum water
Stainless Wet Pick-Up Kit

sku: CWPK1

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Wet/Dry Floor Brush

sku: FSV330

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Wet Pick-Up Bucket 4
Wet Pick-Up Bucket 4 Gal. for 1-1/4 Inlet

sku: WP112

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1-1/2″ Bushing – WP312 & CWP332

sku: PF150

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