Hose Handle

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Integrated Telescopic Wand for EB255

sku: W255

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Telescopic Top Wand For NRH Hose

sku: W240T

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Curved Wand for 1-3/8″ Hose – Button Lock

sku: W238RGB

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Straight Wand – Button Lock Top, Friction Fit Bottom

sku: W219HF

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Curved Wand for 1-1/4″ Hose – Button Lock

sku: W218RGB

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Bottom wand for electric brush
Bottom Wand for EB280 Only

sku: BW280

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Stub Tube – SFH Hose – Button Lock

sku: WSFH630

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Stub Tube – GSH230

sku: WGSH230

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Top Cord Management Wand With Special Air Relief

sku: W550

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