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15 Jan

Help me upgrade my system


Are you looking to upgrade your central vacuum system. If you have questions about what you should purchase, this guide might help you determine exactly what you need. Do your valves have a plug on them? If it has a plug you’ll need the direct connect. If there is no plug, you will need the

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13 May

Reach and clean elevated surfaces safely

Accessories, Cleaning
Dramatic architectural elements are a desired feature in many modern homes. Two story atrium entrances, stone fireplaces extending to ceilings, and elevated plant shelves are becoming quite common decorating elements. Adding these features can set your home apart but present a challenge to safely keeping these elevated surfaces clean.  Climbing ladders can put you at Read More
16 Oct

Electric brush for multiple flooring surfaces

Accessories, Cleaning

The past ten years has seen a significant change in flooring preferences in homes of distinction. A move to hard floor surfaces like tile, stone, hard wood and laminate are now as common as traditional wall to wall carpet, vinyl, and linoleum in many homes. The mix of hard floor surfaces has also increased the

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16 Nov

For Dirt and Dust This Bag is a Must


When anyone mentions the word “dust”, it can usually be associated with less than desirable conditions. These may come to mind: “Dusty Trail, Dust Bowl, Dust Storm, the little dusty kid on the Charlie Brown cartoons”, although he is kind of cute. “Dust in the Wind” is a great song, but not when it comes to

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garage kit
15 Nov

Superior Quality at an Economical Price

Accessories, Cleaning

Tired of hauling your central vacuum hose to the garage?  Need an economical central vacuum tool kit for an apartment or condo? The GK30 Garage Kit has everything you need to keep your garage, vehicles, or small apartments clean.  And when you are done, it stores easily away. You’ll enjoy a 30′ crush-proof hose, plastic

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low voltage hose
14 Nov

Cleaning Power At Your Fingertips


Take control of your central vacuum with the flip of a switch with the SFH230B low voltage hose available from VacuMaid. This 1 3/8″ diameter hose is available in 30′ and 35′ lengths and gives you the convenience of turning your central vacuum on and off from the handle (pin jack inlets only). The slim fit

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13 Nov

PB480BLK Turbocat- This Cat Will Clean


Put the great suction power of your central vacuum to work with the PB480BLK Air Turbine Power Brush.  At a fraction of the cost of an electric power nozzle, the PB480BLK is compatible with low or high pile carpeting.  The low profile design makes it easy to reach under furniture and places an electric power

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09 Nov

HPB1PK- Same Great Product, Smart New Packaging


Put fine dust and allergens in their place with the HPB1PK paper bag filters.  Designed to fit Astro Vac, VacuMaid, Imperium, Valet central vacuum bag units and more.  This two layer bag captures up to 98.4% of fine dust and allergens, thus making your living space cleaner and healthier. Easy to install. Simply remove the

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Microfiber dustup cleaning tool
08 Nov

A Floor Tool and So Much More


When is a floor tool not a floor tool?  When it’s the FB415MF Microfiber dust mop.  This wide-bodied dust mop not only catches those elusive “Dust Bunnies” on your floor, but can also be used to safely clean walls and ceilings without scratching surfaces.  The open faced front allows the dust to enter the air stream

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