lamb electric 115334
12 Nov

Central Vacuum Motor Stands the Test of Time


A great vacuum deserves a great motor.  VacuMaid’s most popular central vacuum units used the MB115334 motor for decades.  From the P125 to the dual motor P325, the MB115334 motor has been a workhorse in VacuMaid central vacuums across the country. Although this motor is no longer used in our current central vacuum lineup, the MB115334

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09 Nov

HPB1PK- Same Great Product, Smart New Packaging


Put fine dust and allergens in their place with the HPB1PK paper bag filters.  Designed to fit Astro Vac, VacuMaid, Imperium, Valet central vacuum bag units and more.  This two layer bag captures up to 98.4% of fine dust and allergens, thus making your living space cleaner and healthier. Easy to install. Simply remove the

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Microfiber dustup cleaning tool
08 Nov

A Floor Tool and So Much More


When is a floor tool not a floor tool?  When it’s the FB415MF Microfiber dust mop.  This wide-bodied dust mop not only catches those elusive “Dust Bunnies” on your floor, but can also be used to safely clean walls and ceilings without scratching surfaces.  The open faced front allows the dust to enter the air stream

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06 Nov

Organize It With Bullet Board

Metal Pegboard

When it comes to being organized, we could all use a little help.  Look around your home.  How many “catch-all” spaces or drawers can you count?  We all become a little frustrated when we hunt for that one item we know we have but can’t remember where we put it. Bullet Board by VacuMaid is

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TurboCat Tool kit
02 Nov

Turbo Power


Our most popular air turbine power tool kit, the ATK500 is just the right fit for many homes.  Designed for both high-pile padded carpet and carpet laid directly on hard floors.  The PB480BLK air turbine powerhead is non-electric and runs off of the suction power supplied by your central vacuum unit.  This kit is also

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08 Oct

Down & Dirty- Simple Concepts of Cyclonic Systems


Cyclonic Action Once dirt and debris is swept up, it goes into the dirt canister where it swirls around like a cyclone, separating the large debris from the small. The cyclone forces the large debris to fall to the bottom of the dirt can while the lighter dirt and dust is vented straight outside of

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17 Aug

Take It Outside


Article Featured in the VDTA CENTRALVAC Professional Magazine Selling in a down economy is downright difficult. Selling an unseen advantage can be nearly impossible. That is, unless you can convince your prospective customer that what they can’t see will or is hurting them. Central vacuum systems enjoy numerous advantages over typical portable vacuums. From cleaning power

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15 Aug

If your floors could talk


If your floor could talk to you, what would it say? It would probably remind you that it is, without question, the most used part of your home. We walk, run, sometimes slide across it. We spill things on it.  When we are nervous we pace on it.  The kids play on it.  The dog sometimes

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02 Aug

Good Ol’ (and new) Fashioned Customer Service

VacuMaid family

We live in an era of technology that changes, it seems, daily. We have gone from licking a stamp and mailing letters to electronic mail.  From email to instant messaging. From instant messaging to texting and social networking.  Most of these changes have occurred over the past 10 years. Where we are 10 years from now is anyone’s

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17 Jul

A Brief History of the Central Vacuum


The history of the central vacuum is pretty amazing.  It’s been over 110 years since the first central vacuums were installed in this country.  The primary mode of transportation during that time was still horse drawn carriage since automobiles were in the infancy stages.  The following link gives a more detailed description of the history

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